Sabine Reckewell

Born: 1950, Goslar, Germany

1978: MFA, Lone Mountain College, San Francisco, CA, Textile Art

1976: BS, University of California Davis, Textile Design

1970-1973: Academy of Fine Arts,  Kassel, Germany, Industrial Design

1982-2008: lives and works in New York, City

1999-2007: Co-owner of Whisler Furniture and Objects, Tribeca New York City,

                   a showroom of contemporary custom furniture, accessories and art

2008: moves to Napa, CA

Solo Exhibitions, temporary and permanent installations:

2020:    “Variegated Vestibule”, a lobby installation at the Berkeley Art center, Berkeley, CA

2019:   “White Wave”, a permanent installation at “The Independent”, a high-rise residential tower in

             Austin, TX   


            “Variant Curves”, 2 temporary window installations, Roll Up Projects, Oakland, CA

2018:    “Double Yellow”, a permanent, site-specific installation at the Harmon Guest House hotel,

            Healdsburg, CA                                                                    

             “Composites”, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland, Ca

2017:   “Linear Intervention”, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, San Jose, CA

            “Float”, temporary lobby installation at 1111 Broadway, Oakland, CA

2016:   “Essential Structure”, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland, Ca

           “5 x 10” and “Under and Over”, 2 temporary site-specific installations at 1111 Broadway,

           Oakland, CA, an off-site exhibition courtesy of Chandra Cerrito Contemporary

             “Float”, a temporary installation in the lounge at the Art Market Fair, San Francisco

2015: “On the Line”, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland CA

2014: “Blue Theme and Variation”, a permanent installation at Zoo Labs, Oakland, CA


          “Factor of Five”, a permanent installation at the Summit at Lantana, Austin, TX                 


          “Making an Entrance”, a site-specific installation in the lobby of Latham Square,   

           1611 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA, curated by Pro Arts, Oakland

         “Imaginary Interiors”, a selection of inkjet prints, a curatorial project

           by Chandra Cerrito at the Westin Hotel, Napa, CA

2013: “Dual Inclination”, a site-specific installation at 155 Grove Street San Francisco,

           organized by the San Francisco Arts Commission

          “A Function of Lines”, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary


         “Double Catenary”, a window installation at Liquid Agency, San Jose, CA,

          in collaboration with the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

         “Slant”, an installation at Scope Art Fair, New York, booth: Chandra Cerrito Contemporary

2011: “Linearis”, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland CA

Group shows:

2019:   “Beyond the Warp and the Weft: The Enduring Legacy of the Bauhaus”, inaugural show at

            Ruth’s Table gallery, San Francisco


2019:   “Joshua Treenial- Paradise/Parallax”, Joshua Tree, CA

2018: “Thinking Structure”, a 6-person show at the Buck Institute, Novato, Ca

            “What Knot?’, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

           “Suspended Dysbeliefs”, Moonhuts, Los Angeles

2015/16  “Conversations in Sculpture”, outdoor sculptures at the Paradise Ridge

            Winery, Santa Rosa, CA, presented by the Voight  Family Sculpture Foundation

2015   “Linear Equations”, a 3-person show at the Sonoma State University Art Gallery                    

           “The Sculpted Fiber: West Coast Artists”, Art Museum of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa


            “Back and Forth”, a site-specific installation at Art Market art fair, San Francisco,

           booth of Chandra Cerrito Contemporary

         “Back and Forth” at the 14th annual benefit art auction at the di Rosa Museum, Napa, CA


          “HERE Part II”, a 5-person show at the Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

2012/2013: “Art on First 3”, window installations in downtown Napa, CA

2011:”You Can’t Make Art by Making Art. Artists Reflect on the Legacy of David Ireland”,

          Chandra Cerrito Contemporary

2010/2011: “Art on First”, window installations in downtown Napa, CA,

2006: “Firecrackers”, Roshambo Winery, Healdsburg, CA

        “Inner Visions”, Contemporary Quarterly Project Space curated by Chandra Cerrito


2001: Group show at Lyons Wier Gallery, Chicago. IL

1994: “On Paper”, TZ Art & Co, New York, NY

1984: “Selections 26”, The Drawing Center, New York, NY

          “Chill Out New York”, Kenkeleba Gallery, New York

          “The Natural Site- Landscape Now”, Park Avenue Atrium, New York, NY

1981: “ … Or None of the Above”, Memorial Union Gallery, UC Davis

           “Linear Inclination”, (solo), an installation at Pitzer College, Claremont, CA

1980:  “Point and Line to Plane”, (solo), an installation at Libra Gallery,

            Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA     

1979:  “Walldrawing”, (solo) an installation at Fiberworks Gallery, Berkeley, CA

          “Fiber Structures and Fabric Surfaces”, Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, IN

          “Fibers- a Contemporary Concept”, Sun Gallery Hayward, CA

1978: “Nails in the Ceiling”, (solo) an installation at Fiberworks Gallery, Berkeley

          “Pieced Together”, Ames Galley, Berkeley, CA

1977: “Process-Meditation”, a performance at Fiberworks Gallery, Berkeley, Ca

Sabine Reckewell

1162 La Homa Drive

Napa, CA 94558