Sabine Reckewell

Born: 1950, Goslar, Germany

1978: MFA, Lone Mountain College, San Francisco, CA, Textile Art

1976: BS, University of California Davis, Textile Design

1970-1973: Academy of Fine Arts,  Kassel, Germany, Industrial Design

1982-2008: lives and works in New York, City

1999-2007: Co-owner of Whisler Furniture and Objects, Tribeca New York City,

                   a showroom of contemporary custom furniture, accessories and art

2008: moves to Napa, CA

2021: moves to Saugerties, NY

Solo Exhibitions, temporary and permanent installations:

2020:  “Variegated Vestibule”, a lobby installation at the Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

2019:  “White Wave”, a permanent installation at “The Independent”, a high-rise residential        

            tower, Austin, TX   


           “Variant Curves”, 2 temporary window installations, Roll Up Projects, Oakland, CA

2018:  “Double Yellow”, a permanent, site-specific installation at the Harmon Guest House

           hotel, Healdsburg, CA                                                                    

           “Composites”, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland, Ca

2017:  “Linear Intervention”, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, San Jose, CA

           “Float”, temporary lobby installation at 1111 Broadway, Oakland, CA

2016: “Essential Structure”, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland, Ca

           “5 x 10” and “Under and Over”, 2 temporary site-specific installations at 1111

           Broadway, Oakland, CA, an off-site exhibition courtesy of Chandra Cerrito       


             “Float”, a temporary installation in the lounge at the Art Market Fair, San Francisco

2015: “On the Line”, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland CA

2014:  “Blue Theme and Variation”, a permanent installation at Zoo Labs, Oakland, CA


           “Factor of Five”, a permanent installation at the Summit at Lantana, Austin, TX                 


          “Making an Entrance”, a site-specific installation in the lobby of Latham Square,   

           1611 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA, curated by Pro Arts, Oakland

         “Imaginary Interiors”, a selection of inkjet prints, a curatorial project

           by Chandra Cerrito at the Westin Hotel, Napa, CA

2013: “Dual Inclination”, a site-specific installation at 155 Grove Street San Francisco,

           organized by the San Francisco Arts Commission

          “A Function of Lines”, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary


         “Double Catenary”, a window installation at Liquid Agency, San Jose, CA,

          in collaboration with the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

         “Slant”, an installation at Scope Art Fair, New York, booth: Chandra Cerrito


2011: “Linearis”, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland CA

Group shows:

2022:  “Nomad Structure”, Saarländisches Künstlerhaus, Saarbrücken, Germany

2019:  “Beyond the Warp and the Weft: The Enduring Legacy of the Bauhaus”, inaugural

            show at Ruth’s Table gallery, San Francisco


2019:  “Joshua Treenial- Paradise/Parallax”, Joshua Tree, CA

2018: “Thinking Structure”, a 6-person show at the Buck Institute, Novato, Ca

           “What Knot?’, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

          “Suspended Dysbeliefs”, Moonhuts, Los Angeles

2015/16:  “Conversations in Sculpture”, outdoor sculptures at the Paradise Ridge Winery

            Santa Rosa, CA, presented by the Voight  Family Sculpture Foundation

2015:  “Linear Equations”, a 3-person show at the Sonoma State University Art Gallery                    

           “The Sculpted Fiber: West Coast Artists”, Art Museum of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa


           “Back and Forth”, a site-specific installation at Art Market art fair, San Francisco,

           booth of Chandra Cerrito Contemporary

         “Back and Forth” , 14th annual benefit art auction at the Di Rosa Museum, Napa, CA


          “HERE Part II”, a 5-person show at the Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA

2012/2013: “Art on First 3”, window installations in downtown Napa, CA

2011:  ”You Can’t Make Art by Making Art. Artists Reflect on the Legacy of David Ireland”,

           Chandra Cerrito Contemporary

2010/2011: “Art on First”, window installations in downtown Napa, CA,

2006:  “Firecrackers”, Roshambo Winery, Healdsburg, CA

           “Inner Visions”, Contemporary Quarterly Project Space curated by Chandra Cerrito


2001: Group show at Lyons Wier Gallery, Chicago. IL

1994:  “On Paper”, TZ Art & Co, New York, NY

1984:  “Selections 26”, The Drawing Center, New York, NY

           “Chill Out New York”, Kenkeleba Gallery, New York

           “The Natural Site- Landscape Now”, Park Avenue Atrium, New York, NY

1981:  “ … Or None of the Above”, Memorial Union Gallery, UC Davis

           “Linear Inclination”, (solo), an installation at Pitzer College, Claremont, CA

1980:  “Point and Line to Plane”, (solo), an installation at Libra Gallery,

           Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA     

1979:  “Walldrawing”, (solo) an installation at Fiberworks Gallery, Berkeley, CA

           “Fiber Structures and Fabric Surfaces”, Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, IN

           “Fibers- a Contemporary Concept”, Sun Gallery Hayward, CA

1978:  “Nails in the Ceiling”, (solo) an installation at Fiberworks Gallery, Berkeley

           “Pieced Together”, Ames Galley, Berkeley, CA

1977:  “Process-Meditation”, a performance at Fiberworks Gallery, Berkeley, Ca

Sabine Reckewell

110 Market Street

Saugerties, NY 12477